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A Plea To Christians Wanting To Write Their Very Own Book, Or Subtly Pushing My Ghost-Writer Resume

This is a thinly veiled open letter, and I am addressing it to anyone who is trying or even considering to write a Christian book. Dear person posted up in the corner of the coffee shop who’s taking up a … Continue reading

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I’m Not Quitting Just Morphing, Or New Beginnings Come From Some Other Beginnings End

When I first started a site called Charlie’s Church of Christ I wanted it to be a place where I posted essays and other assorted media in various mediums (I even wanted to post religious-flavored comic strips until I realized … Continue reading

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Did I Just See A Mormon TV Ad?, Or Can Division Actually Be a Good Thing?

The Mormon church in the last few years has tried to rebound it’s image by releasing an ad campaign attempting to make the religion seem more every-day-people and not so Utah-desert-dweller. They’re even sponsoring ads on you tube! This is … Continue reading

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Charlie Apologizes For Neglect, Or The Most Difficult Post To Create A Second Title For

It’s fall, a time of decline. The name itself reminds us of the fateful event in the Garden that led to death, and the weather reminds us that not everything lives happily ever after but in fact everything must die. … Continue reading

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No More Fine Print, Or God Doesn’t Mind Sinners

Sometimes when we let a tattooed singer songwriter on stage at church he’ll utter a nervous joke about being surprised God is letting him on stage without striking him down. Though it’s a joke, it raises something – this idea … Continue reading

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The Gears Of The Hype Machine, Or Wilty Lettuce On A Shriveled Bun

Sorry to bring him up, we get hung up on his name and miss the point. But I’ll try anyway… One thing I appreciate about Rob Bell is that he doesn’t do the hype thing. All of his books have … Continue reading

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Taking A Shot In The Candlelit Darkness, Or The Super Minor Thing That Annoys Me

I don’t have anything earth-shattering tonight. Just a brief rant. Have you ever heard a sermon where towards the end the pastor slows down the pace, pause before he tongue clicks against the roof of his mouth and says “now … Continue reading

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