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  • Purpose:

Having felt alone in Christendom because I no longer aligned with my quasi-fundamentalist beginnings, I wanted to explore my new direction. With Charlie’s Church of Christ I try to write about current topics from an atypical perspective, question or even challenge the status quo of Western Christianity and throw out ideas that are just that (rather than teaching, as I really am asking for feedback).

Finally I try very hard to make this the kind of blog where I don‘t write the usual “your faith isn’t good enough, so you’d better shape up” guilt-and-condemnation-ridden fair. I also try very hard to take different twists than standard faith blogs, I wouldn’t want to read the same type of rant over and over and again, so I try to take a turn you wouldn’t normally see.

  • Behind the Name:

Charlie‘s Church of Christ?! I’m offended!
Well, then, it worked. The point of the name, I will say outright and from the get go, is a gimmick. I wanted you to come here, and with a culture that thrives on shock value, this is how I did it.

However, it is more than a gimmick. It is multifaceted. It’s of course commentary on how consumer oriented various aspects of contemporary religious culture has become. Its also commentary on how we follow and venerate Christian leaders to become celebrities and gods, and how some congregations identify so strongly with their leader that it becomes “Charlie’s” church and their ego involved. It is also a forward thinking commentary, as at times its seemed as though we are not too far from “Toyota presents Grace Bible Church” or the like.

In another twist, this name is to help remind me through its obvious tongue in cheek nature that it’s not all about me. Its a constant reminder that I don’t do this for my own promotion and glory. Because it bares my own name, it should remind me of the joke and what I’m trying to call out, which is ego.

(You may wonder why I didn’t use a different name like Chris, and instead chose to use my own name. Truth be told Charlie’s Church of Christ flows better off the tongue than Chris’s Church of Christ).

  • Beliefs:

The most basic beliefs of this church are: grace for all people, the renewing of our world, unconditional and unlimited love, and that heaven can be a place on earth. I’m sure you’ll figure out more through the content of this site, and I also have a handy beliefs & doctrines page which is equally as vague.

  • About Charlie Hively:

I grew up in Pennsylvania, graduated from college in the same town I was born, and then accidentally moved to Oregon at the end of a five month road trip that never took me back east. I studied Sociology & Behavioral Science, and by trade I work in drug & alcohol recovery (though I myself am not healing from chemical dependency). I’ve previously worked in detox, homeless shelters, and wilderness therapy among a few others, and I hold a CADC (Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor) license in the state of Oregon (look up my license number and send complaints about me to my accrediting agency!). I’m married and have a infant daughter (born July 2010).

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