Beliefs & Doctrine

I heard it said recently that God is not an argument. A common complaint of mine is that Christians emphasize doctrinal statements and theological ideas that Christianity it’s not entirely possible but unbelievably easy to make faith solely an intellectual exercise. Thus what follows are less statements of certainty about doctrine, but more the overarching themes of my faith.

  • Human beings were created to live on this earth in relationship with God, given freedom to piece together and create what life here is like. We are meant to enjoy our lives, pursuing dreams and passions and joy, not follow lives prewritten for us.
  • The kingdom of God that Jesus referenced so frequently has little to do with life after death, and far more to do with life here & now where a utopian idea of heaven blends in with earth.
  • That church happens all of the time, and is not meant to be a place where dozens or hundreds gather to sit in silence and listen to presentation. Church is a community of of inclusion comprised of people wouldn’t normally fit, where normal social governs of status, structure, and entitlement need not apply.
  • That God loves and forgives both unendingly and automatically. And as God does, we are called to also.