I’m Not Quitting Just Morphing, Or New Beginnings Come From Some Other Beginnings End

When I first started a site called Charlie’s Church of Christ I wanted it to be a place where I posted essays and other assorted media in various mediums (I even wanted to post religious-flavored comic strips until I realized plenty others were doing that) – I didn’t want to call it a blog because it didn’t seem to fit what I wanted to do. Bloggers write on a schedule and blog posts have a distinct feel to them, distinctively different from essays. I wanted my work to feel more timeless than the (imaginary and projected) constrictions blog seems to have. However I went with wordpress for hosting and soon after began writing three times a week, and after a while I finally caved and called this what it had become – a blog.

Yet blog just wasn’t quite what I was doing nor wanted to be doing. Which is why it’s no surprise the “blog” died – evidenced by a lack of posts in 5 weeks. I worked hard to craft posts on regular intervals because that’s what blogs do, and for a year I cranked out posts, sometimes when I wasn’t quite “feelin’ it” if you know what I mean. And you can only keep that going for so long until it stops working.

Well apparently it stopped working when I started working – my new job that is. Thus I’m declaring the Charlie’s Church of Christ blog is dead. However Charlie’s Church of Christ isn’t dead. Oh heavens no. I’m returning to what I wanted this to be – a place for my essays.

I’ll write them when they strike me and post accordingly. I’m not very good as a machine, and so I’ll stop trying to be so mechanical. True, this means not regular posting, but only published essays when I’m “feelin’ it,” but hopefully you’re using an RSS so you won’t be in the dark when an essay comes to light.

I truly must say thank you to anyone who stopped by to read when this was a blog, and even more thanks if you stuck around and/or commented. I apologize the blog side died, but I hope you can join me on this flip side ride.

Answers to Questions you didn’t ask:

“When do you plan on rolling out this first essay?”

Well if I say when then it’ll feel obligatory and thus be like a blog again. I do have some essay ideas swirling around, I hope to try to pound them out soon. So, in sum, I offer a vague answer.

“I’m religiously oppossed to RSS feeds – how often should I drop by to see if you’ve written an essay.”

Don’t try to pigeonhole me! Okay maybe once a month? Sometimes more sometimes less? Don’t you hate answers that are questions?

“So when you say you you’re not going to blog anymore but write essays, isn’t this toe-may-toe/toe-MA-toe?”

Piercing question (I’m saying this to myself). I’ll reference my favorite writer Phillip Yancey’s blog. It carries that name, but his posts have much more of an essay feel. That is what I’m going for.

“Do you realize how close you were to having 200 posts? 5 is the number. You couldn’t pump out 5 more posts to hit that brag-able number?”

Sorry slim, couldn’t do it.

“We all know you stole that second title from that Semisonic song.”

Where did I claim it was mine? (Response: “By not citing it.”)

“Charlie this post thing is longer than most blogs you wrote. I think you’re losing them.”

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll end this kind-of-blog-kind-of-announcement now.



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8 Responses to I’m Not Quitting Just Morphing, Or New Beginnings Come From Some Other Beginnings End

  1. Jane says:

    Missed ya! Glad you’ll be around from time to time, and I hope you love the new job! Now this is my idea of blogging! When I can, when I want, no guilt if I don’t. After all, where is the bloggers book of rules that says ” Thou shalt publish 3 times a week? “. :0)

  2. Rick says:

    Every good blog has a life cycle, and it’s kind of up to the blogger to determine that trajectory. For you, perhaps this one has served it’s purpose, and it’s time to move on, regardless of the activities and agenda that supported this blog in the first place.

  3. David says:

    I know what you mean. I stopped after 6 years and 1000 blogs. I am going to take the best of and add it to my new web site for Fire Grace Ministries. Then I am going to work through the pile of notes on my book from the editor. After that, I am off to Florida, Norway, Sweden and who knows where else!

    As a side note, I have been blogging for a weight loss site, and I ma having a total blast being sarcastic, and enjoying an average of 200 votes and 60 comments. Interestingly, that is pretty motivating!

    I’ll miss the relational aspect of your blog, Charlie. Feel free to look me up on Facebook, or at least follow me on Twitter.

    Oh, and I do believe that I have the distinction of the only commenter to have comments deleted. 😉

    Good luck – probably should have looked you up when i was in Oregon a few weeks ago.

  4. theoldadam says:

    I hope you have a nice Christmas, Charlie!

    Hang in there, my friend.

  5. Jane says:

    Just stopped in because I haven’t had a “new post from Charlie’s Church of Christ” email in quite some time. (it’s Jan7). How’s everything?


  6. jasdye says:

    Still waaaaiting….

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