Charlie Apologizes For Neglect, Or The Most Difficult Post To Create A Second Title For

It’s fall, a time of decline. The name itself reminds us of the fateful event in the Garden that led to death, and the weather reminds us that not everything lives happily ever after but in fact everything must die.

Okay so that was a purposefully over the top intro written to be humorously melodramatic. Though this blog has lately felt like a tree losing it’s leaves, it’s not dead. Spring will come, and daggunit you won’t have to wait 5 months for it.

So it’s one of those posts where I explain I’ve been busy like mad lately and I haven’t had the energy to blog lately. I know excuses are lame, but I felt I owed whoever is left out there some sort of explanation. I’m not retiring or quitting or any of the sort, I just don’t have the heart this week to come up with anything.

I’d also like to formally apologize for not being very good about responding to comments. I truly love reading what you all have to say, even if you think it’s not related to what I discussed, and I do read every comment – usually with a smile on my face. But I haven’t had the energy to give a proper response to what you’ve said – and I’d rather respond for real then just put something up for it’s sake.

So by golly if you haven’t done the RSS thang or subscribed then please do so you don’t miss when I finally hit my groove again. My work schedule is set to slow down from it’s frenzied pace and I want to keep giving you the mediocre-quality content you’ve come to expect. Thanks for your patience and for hanging in there. And if you haven’t hung in there with me then you won’t get this message.

In the mean time, tell me what’s going on with you lately. I’d throw out a couple of guesses but that’d contradict my recent post about pastors who guess what their congregation is dealing with. So, what’s up?


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16 Responses to Charlie Apologizes For Neglect, Or The Most Difficult Post To Create A Second Title For

  1. Well, let’s see.

    I’ve quit blogging. I’ve been on Twitter too much. I’ve played a lot on I’ve been trying to learn to play drums even though I don’t have any. I’ve been trying to help my boy endure some crap at school with the right attitude and his sanity. I’ve been feeling like crap a lot. I’ve not been eating as healthy as I should. I’ve been dealing with a LONG time co-worker changing jobs. I’m struggling to stay engaged / supportive / encouraging in a church that is falling apart day by day. We’ve bought a “new” Jeep and I’ve worked on the old one some, too. Gotta work on the “new” one some, too. I’ve wondered a LOT where the heck the money is going to come from. I’ve learned some very disappointing facts. I’ve drunk too much coffee. I’ve realized more and more that I’m just not as mentally sharp as I used to be. I’ve let my little girl put a lot of makeup on me and done the same for her. I’ve sat and looked out over some beautiful mountains from the front porch. I’ve let the grass grow too long. I’ve fixed a bicycle and even ridden one a little. I’ve watched some Packers football. I’ve helped build some machines. I’ve been to football games and my first cheerleading competition. I’ve wished I were a better person. I’ve longed for the times in life when I had such fun and so little stress, not because I don’t like “now”, but just that I wish I could feel “now” like I did “then”. I’ve tried to start exercising and it always hurts (remember the “feeling like crap” thing…). I’ve gotten a little bit of my ability to sing back but I still think I sound awful and really don’t have a reason to try to sing, anyway. I’ve taught a couple of Bible studies at church. I’ve started dreading winter. I’ve made a new friend and shared some early morning coffee. I’ve mourned the loss of Gitzengirl even though we weren’t really friends or really close – I just wish I could have half the attitude she had.

    Y’all prolly ain’t got time to read it all, but Charlie asked 🙂

    • Chris says:

      “I’ve sat and looked out over some beautiful mountains from the front porch.”

      Wished I could say that.

    • Chris says:


      you sound a little down in the mouth at times, but man there are a whole heck of a lot of things in there that I think a lot of people would kill to experience. I’m not berating, honestly, but you sound like a very blessed guy.


      • I fully realize that I have absolutely NO reason to be down in the mouth, and that adds to my frustration. I’ve got musical talent out the butt – and I’m not saying that pridefully, please don’t misunderstand – I live in a beautiful place, I have a WONDERFUL family that I get frustrated with WAY too easily, I’ve got a good job, my heart condition has been fixed and I have the theoretical promise of many more years, on and on and on and on. The trouble with the weird type of depression that seems to get me is that it comes in waves and is often connected to physical things. I’m determined to stay OFF medication because idiotic psychiatrists have nearly literally killed my father and there are genetic “addictive” traits that I am very concerned about. A lot of that moping that you hear from me is frustration with the struggle. The fact that I have nobody in real life to talk to about it without being a downer. I can’t find friends that I can trust to really give a shit, scuse the French. So, yeah, man, I agree, and thanks for the reminder. I’m fighting it, and I’m a lot better than I was a few years ago, give or take a little grace for some valleys along the way. 🙂

      • Carolyn says:

        Bernard, I understand about the depression. I have been fighting it, but I started taking meds. Sometimes I wonder if that was the wrong idea. It is so hard to tell.

        I think I had already recognized you as a fellow depressive. I give a shit. Excuse the French.

      • Thanks, Carolyn. Here’s to depression free days.

  2. David says:

    I am pretty excited about the things God is doing/speaking and has spoken over me by others. Lots of activity around ministry opportunities both here in the US and abroad.

    My own life, yeah a lot of stuff, but who cares, God is amazingly faithful. But here are the highlights.

    I pretty much quit blogging after averaging over 3 posts a week for 6 years (I did write 2, so go check them out!). I have not had time for guitar. I am still recovering from the heart stuff – up to 7.5 hour work days. I fractured my knee running, so I am biking a lot (10 miles a day or more). I taught a prophetic school, mourned the loss of Steve Jobs and I am booked to be in CA with my family for a week in November!

    I am on Twitter a lot since TwitterBook lost its Face. @FireAndGrace

  3. Carolyn says:

    Still blogging away. Went to a The High Calling’s writers’ retreat and it was awesome. Lots of illnesses and money problems in the immediate and extended family. 81-year-old dad (who lives with us) has been given some hard choices to make, so praying for him especially. Marriage is hard. Worth it, but hard. Glad somebody told me that ahead of time. Tony Romo is just not a good quarterback, which makes my Sunday afternoons/evenings less fun than they could be. I agree that Bernard is not as mentally sharp as he used to be, but we love him anyway. 🙂 Praying that God will graciously send a few feet of rain to Texas. Finding that if you read some of the Old Testament stories from the perspective of Jerry Springer telling them, they are very interesting and even funny. Not touting Jerry Springer, but I am enjoying looking at the old stories from a new perspective and imagining what the participants must have been thinking. Sometimes makes it easier to understand why God responded the way He did. There are lots of other details, but it all comes down to we are surviving and longing for Heaven.

  4. Larry Hughes says:

    Nothing much going on here. Still wandering in the spiritual desert seeking faith to resist temptation and sin. God has spared me many deadly issues in my life and I am thankful for that. Just don’t know what for yet.

    What I have learned from Him is to trust Him and be patient so I wait and wait and wait.

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