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This is where all the posts go that don’t fit anywhere else. It’s like your basement – where you put random things together that aren’t related. It’s where the humorous ones go, it’s where my fuzzy thoughts go that may not have a clear point.

You’re Not The Only One Who Gave Up On Christianity, Or Easter Chocolates Part Three

Good Friday is a name only given in retrospect. It certainly would haven’t been dubbed that at the time. It was as far as it gets from good. We spend lots of time reflecting on what Jesus’ death means for … Continue reading

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Good Christian Music Is No Longer An Oxymoron, Or Featuring The Robbie Seay Band

I’ve whined about Christian music a fair amount on here. For good reason, I do believe. I may even be cooking up a post as we speak about how some of our modern worship songs perpetuate unhealthy and unrealistic ultra … Continue reading

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Prayer Is Like A Tree Growing in Systematic Theology, Or Eat My Mysticism

My job ends this week. Thursday morning I’ll be unemployed. Not really, as I’ve been working a part time job in addition to my full time gig for well over a year – but the part time gig won’t pay … Continue reading

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Grace For The Young Traveler, Or There Is No Leap Frog

If Eugene Peterson were to re-remix his Message version of the Bible, surely he’d need to throw in the phrase “faith journey” a couple of times in the New Testament. Paul would also advise his listeners to “live in the … Continue reading

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Self Indulgent 100th Post, Or You Can’t Know Yourself Until You Live For a While

This is my 100th post on Charlie’s Church of Christ (note: there is a point to this, but if you’re not interesting in finding it, please take the super quick survey at the end). I am bit stunned I’ve taken … Continue reading

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For Today A Lament, Or Why I’ll Never Get A Book Deal

The post I had planned for today didn’t pan out. Who knows, maybe I’ll regain steam with the topic soon. But I think it lost steam because I was trying my hardest to be fair and reasonable. A comment on … Continue reading

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The World Isn’t Done Yet, Or That’s One Dirty Set of Hands

I grew up 30 miles from the 2nd largest Amish community in America (Lancaster, PA). There are towns nearby where a version of Dutch is still spoken. A regular meal at my family gatherings to this day is hog maw (pig stomach, … Continue reading

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