The questions that get asked frequently enough that it’s just easier to answer them publicly (disclaimer: everyone knows that the best FAQs are the ones not based on real questions)

  • What denomination are you apart of?

Well the thing is that we haven’t applied to be apart of any one because we assume they’ll just turn us down. Not to mention we don’t have a dime to our name.

  • You’ve said “we” a few times, so, who else is apart of your church?

So I know Jesus said the whole “where two or three have gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst,” but the thing is that I consider this to be a church even though it’s just me. So you got me there, well done. But I don’t think its officially a cult when there is only one member – so that’s a perk.

  • I’ve noticed a tendency of your posts to be a little more heavy in the applying of jelly to the PB&J sandwich if you catch my drift… Oh I’ll just come out and ask – are you emergent?

Oh geez. Pretty much everyone is afraid of being labeled this because its synonymous with heresy in so many circles and its like a Christian career death wish. The truth is I don’t identify as emergent because the whole movement exists as a transitory kind of thing (a movement away from fundamentalism, but not a movement to promote itself as the substitute), though I find some of their criticisms valid and I read some emergent authors (as well as plenty of non-emergent authors).

  • Your name is very offensive. It’s self-aggrandizing, blasphemous, and….

That’s not a question. Though may I compliment you on the use of fantastic vocabulary words? (See – that’s a question).

  • So why do ALL of your posts have two titles (ex: Charlie’s Church of Christ Named Worst Blog of All Time, Or The Failure of an Oregon Man)

When I was writing my first post I couldn’t decide on a name and I was reminded of the tendency of books in the 1800’s to carry two titles (ex Charles Darwin’s “On The Origin of Species By Means Of Natural Selection, Or The Preservation of Favoured Races In The Struggle For Life). I never planned to do it that way but I enjoyed it so much it stuck. And now I have fun titling my posts.

  • When I e-mail you three pages of all the ways in which you are wrong, an abomination to Christianity, committing heresy, are working against the church, and have offended me you do not respond that you’ve repented. So why are you so boldly denying the truth that it so obvious? Do you think hell will have a great buffet?

If a baby won’t stop crying at the top of its lungs – do you squeeze it harder, shake it and yell at it? No! Because it will only further upset them, and in fact it will be counter productive because they will only hit even higher notes. So, knowing that, why do you insult your fellow man, demean him, yell at him, and threaten him? Do they ever conform? Do they ever have a moment of truth and conversion?

  • Hey are you the same Charlie’s Church of Christ as the one I was reading three years ago?

Yes it is/I am, but let’s be honest around 4 people read the three posts I wrote. So the fact that you asked this makes you sound suspicious. I’m going to have to notify the police actually.

Send any real questions to charlieschurchofchrist (at) gmail dot com and I will answer it, and maybe even post it. Yee haw!

5 Responses to FAQ

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  2. Jim Folsom says:

    Hey Charlie. I came across your site by accident but snickered all the way through your FAQs. Are you on fb?

  3. A. says:

    Discovered your site via Bill the Cycle Guy…doing some serious chuckling and liking what I am reading. Refreshing rebel/thinker is whut u iz. No, seriously, you challenge some things in a good way. Will come back later and sift through some more of your writing. Looking forward to it!

  4. Brian Casey says:

    I don’t think I’m quite the challenger (read: rebel) you are, but I’m more rebellious than most people around me would like to admit. Still attached to a CofC, but by mutual consent moving more in “organic,” house church ideals, and always challenging traditional ways of doing and thinking. I work in (Wesleyan) college instrumental music and find new things to question and poke at every week. I consider myself a neo-Protestant, protesting Romanism, Calvinism, fundamentalism, charismatism, etc. For me, all this takes a back seat to serious, exegetical scripture study.

    Just caught a glimpse of you today for the first time and found nothing I really take exception to … well, except for the premill thing, but as long as you don’t require that position of me, we’ll be friends. I figure that whatever Jesus wants to do at “commencement” is OK w/me. I just don’t happen to suspect that will be an earthly, Edenic Kingdom. But you’re welcome to your suspicions, too. :-) Love your style in the FAQ.

    Decided within 5 minutes to link to you on my blog. If you put up a blogroll, I’d be honored if you’d like to mine, too: blcasey.wordpress.com.

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