Beliefs & Doctrines

The Charlie’s Church of Christ believes:
That God created a beautiful world in which to dwell with his beloved people.
That God is redeeming his ever hurting world, healing its people one by one, bringing the world back to its intended created order
That God restores all of humanity not by magic nor brainwashing, but by the love and grace that has radically moved the people of God.
That God will reconcile all things to himself.
That God’s Son Jesus is the light of the world & came to show his kingdom is present and ever spreading, growing like a tree from a seed and permeating like yeast in bread.
That God’s love has no conditions whatsoever, take this as far as you can go.
That God has forgiven the sins of the whole world.
That the Kingdom of Heaven can be felt and lived now through peace, justice, mercy, reconciliation, love, beauty and joy.
That Jesus subverted the empire ruling in his day through these things (peace, love, mercy)
That the kingdom of Heaven will be fully present on a restored Earth with God finally dwelling with his beloved mankind.
That all people are the same, there is no hierarchy, that God is joining all people in a new humanity & that as soon as God’s people exclude someone God finds them all the more favorable.