Charlie Quotes A Quasi-Hindu Yogi Teacher, Or The Narrow Search For God

I recently heard a quote from an India spiritual leader (Yogi Bhajan if you must know his name)

If you can’t find God in all, you can’t find God at all.

Though I find the cute little saying quite profound I think it fails to acknowledge that we are all on a journey and some of us are finding God in small petri dishes and others are finding him the whole world over. As I’ve written about before I’m hesitant to say “oh this person isn’t a true Christian because of….,” and so I’m equally hesitant to say someone hasn’t found God because they haven’t found him everywhere. It’s a bit too elitist for me. Nonetheless….

I think it’s very easy to narrow our search for God upon certain areas. I think we automatically discount places and people where he seemingly can’t be. We think of dark places, or maybe even the plain places and move our attention onward, thinking God can only be found in radiant beautiful light.

A few years ago before I was an old married dude (I’m 27) I did 300+ mile backpacking trip in Virginia. It rained – a lot. In fact I left the car to begin the trail in the rain. Often I’d climb up a mountain (what on the west coast would qualify as a hill) and get to overlook just to see I was enveloped in a cloud. My hard earned dramatic landscapes were often not to be found.

But what I discovered was beauty in the forest. It wasn’t as overt as 200 foot waterfalls or snow-capped peaks, but the experience taught me to find the beauty in what was around me. Because it’s there. It’s about dropping your expectations and being open. Similarly I think we can find God everywhere we go, even in the darkest of corners (if not especially so in the darkest corners, as we serve a God of redemption), but it’s a matter of casting aside filters and expectations. It’s less about gaining new eyes and more about seeing with pure ones.

What do you think of the hippie quote? Were you uncomfortable with me quoting from a Middle Eastern non-Christian? Do you find it difficult to see God in all things and people – or do you even believe this could be true?

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6 Responses to Charlie Quotes A Quasi-Hindu Yogi Teacher, Or The Narrow Search For God

  1. Carolyn says:

    I think the hippie quote makes sense. I think if God created all, we should expect to be able to see Him in all. Unfortunately, some of us (myself included) have bad spiritual eyesight. There can be many reasons for that. Maybe you should write about it, Charlie. 🙂 Quoting a non-Christian was not a problem, but India is not in the Middle East, is it? Anyway, my post on Tuesday was about a Hindi wore (see here I could hardly do that and then turn on you for doing much the same. As stated above, my spiritual eyesight is bad sometimes, but I do think it is *me* that is the problem with my not seeing God in all. I don’t think it is His fault or that He isn’t there.

  2. David says:

    What do you think of the hippie quote?
    There are a lot of people that have discovered “truth” in their lives that is not a Bible verse. It does however; line up with the Bible. People can do lots of “good” things that look like Bible, but they have other motivations that are not God. Even psychology, when it is truly scientific, has discovered things about humans, emotions and issues of the soul that are “truth” and line up with Biblical principals. The problem come when these Bible looking things are used in place of the truth, then there is no fact checking. It happens in psychology, and many other religions that do “good”, but it is not God. Even Satan can masquerade as an angel of light, but it ain’t God!

    Were you uncomfortable with me quoting from a Middle Eastern non-Christian?
    No, I can tell if things ar of GOd, because I am able to spirtually discern things for myself.

    Do you find it difficult to see God in all things and people – or do you even believe this could be true?
    I find God in lots of places. I also find false religion and Bible look-a-like junk all over. That makes me sad.

  3. Lisa says:

    The Christian contemplative tradition would say something along the lines of, “You don’t find God, you awaken to him.” Being that God is everywhere present, this makes some good sense. Christianity was an Eastern religion before it was anything else. Rome wasn’t the center of Christianity until later.

  4. I don’t like “see God IN all.” The creation is not the creator. It’s what he created. There’s a big difference.

    I see PROOF of God in all this. I see proof of God in sunrises. I see proof of God in trees, leaves, grass, mountains, valleys, rivers, cows, horses, babies, mommies, and even our inborn desire to decide as to whether there is a God or not. None of these ARE God.

    Even time is his creation.

    I’m not Calvinistic or Sovereigntish enough to know for certain that God “creates” babies. Or sunrises, but they give me proof of his existence and of his involvement in making this thing we call the universe actually exist. I simply cannot reconcile any idea of it being totally accidental. There’s just no science to support that. As a creationist who recognizes questions in our typical understanding of “In the beginning”, I’m not sure when creation really began, or if it has ended or not. This brings to light the question of creating versus “forming” and “directing”. As well, since God is beyond time, when exactly did He create time, etc. Those who proclaim pat, certain answers often fail to even ask the questions.

    Where I’m cruising with this bruising is that I shy away from Hindu / spiritualistic / pantheist tendencies toward “God in everything.” It’s perhaps a legalistic line for some, but it errs toward the famous line of “Jesus in my heart” that I’m not sure of how to deal with.

    So, no, I wouldn’t personally use this line. Even though I understand that “in” sometimes doesn’t mean “in”, to almost quote a famous president who quite probably had a valid point.

  5. theoldadam says:

    God is in all, that’s for sure. But that is ‘general revelation’.

    God’s saving revelation is made in Christ Jesus, and in Him alone.

    It’s my hope and prayer that EVERYONE would see the Living God in Christ Jesus, one day.

    I guess one Day, they will.

  6. Larry Hughes says:

    I am not offended by the “Hippie” quote. It makes good sense. One doesn’t have to look for God. He is every where one looks. Sadly some fail to see or realize that fact.

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