Insider Deals In The Kingdom, God Complies With Government Regulations

Recently I heard the story of a woman who was going through many struggles with her daughter and a ruthless, shrewd ex-husband was late for a meeting in downtown LA. Of course finding parking in such a big city is an adventure where the journey is not the destination, and the woman was panicked at being tardy to a business meeting with heavyweight clients. But miraculously a spot was open just in front of the office building she was going into. She began to search for change in her car to put in the meter but alas she had nothing but a cupholder with a handful of pennies. She sighed and decided she’d just pay the hefty parking violate fine, but as she walked by she saw the meter had forty-five minutes left on it – the exact time of her meeting. She walked into the meeting knowing God was reminding her not to worry and that he was safe with her.

If the Christian life were this way at more regular intervals I think’d we have more conversions. If God was giving out hook-ups to his people then why wouldn’t people want free parking and the myriads of other perks for being his follower?

Though it likely sounds like I’m critiquing the parking meter story, my question is really would God give that free parking to a non-Christian? Or maybe better stated – does he? Are there special benefits to being a Christian? Are there insider deals in the kingdom? I ask the question in a ridiculous way, but it’s an actual question I have.

I think God doesn’t discriminate against people based on their religion. After all lawyers are all over that stuff these days. As Matthew 5 points out sun and rain happen on both parties. Though I believe God is a servant I don’t think God is like a butler who goes around serving us with little divine hook ups. It’s a little more ambiguous and a lot less sexy, but I think God is in the delivering us from destruction business, not in the serving up small-detail hook ups.

It seems as though we easily turn the idea of God is in control into God controls all – and suddenly God seems more like a genie who lives to grant us wishes or a guardian angel. God loves us and is with us in the details, but I think I’m seeing he is here with us pulling the world out of the mud, not putting money into parking meters.

Are there insider deals for Christians? If so, what do you think they are? Have you thought of God as a genie or a guardian angel? Does God comply with government regulations about religious discrimination?

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4 Responses to Insider Deals In The Kingdom, God Complies With Government Regulations

  1. Carolyn says:

    I think God likes to give things to His children because 1) He really likes us and 2) He wants to get our attention. This is the God who makes donkeys talk, so I don’t try to limit in my mind what He will do. I think He creates “divine appointments” (cannot remember the author I got that from – Blackaby? ???). I wonder if He would give free parking to a non-Christian if it would somehow soften their heart towards Him (free parking means a lot to some people) in preparation for a much bigger meeting with Him down the line. How large does an act have to be before we say it is from God? Why would He not use our everyday surroundings to show us He is in control of everything? I don’t think He is a genie or a butler, but I think He is very involved in our lives. He created us for relationship with Him, so He’s around a lot, you know? I don’t think that God gives a rat’s patootie (He created those too) about government regulations. He also told us that we would get discriminated against in His name, so I think He has a definite opinion about it. But I don’t think He plans to bow to the will of an earthly government. He’s GOD, for crying out loud. Sometimes we say that God is in everything and then other times we start making a list of things He won’t touch. I don’t get that. Okay, insomnia is making me loopy, so end of rant. 🙂

  2. I used to live my life believing “insider deals” happened. you know the old way; “God, if I do this-or-that, will you do this-or-that?” didn’t work then. doesn’t work now. Rain falls on the just and the unjust. Am i discounting what God can do? No. But to take Joel’s approach of driving around until He gives you the parking place close to the door is absurd. Maybe you NEED to walk! End of my rant. 🙂

  3. David says:

    I think God delights in us as a parent would in their child. We delight in parenting, and that includes giving us both large and small treats (and it includes discipline and some times tough love.)

    I ask God for lots of things; as His son, I enjoy all the benefits of the Kingdom! There are insider deals for believers, though it may not be all parking spaces and miracle healings.

    God does what he damn well pleases (my paraphrase of “the Spirit blows where it will”). Because I commune with God and hear his voice, he just might alert me to a parking space, and he has right in front of the door to the Brazilian Consulate. You can read about it on my blog under the topic “Brazil”. It is one of the many things he spoke to me that day.

    Before we decide what is trivial and what is important for God, what is blessing and what is not, we need to know and hear God: otherwise it is just theory. If God counts the hair on heads, then he knows when we need a parking space. He also know when we are supposed to plan for things like traffic, and he can just as easily allow us the consequences of the lack of planning. IF we say God always wants us to hunt for a hard to find parking space and put money in the meter, then we limit God. If we assume that we will always have the perfect parking spot with prepaid meters, then we are also deceived, and operate in false assumptions.

    If we commune with God, and looks for his leading, then regardless of the parking situation, we can be assured that whatever goes on, is in God’s hand.

    The discussion is not about what God would or wouldn’t do, but whether or not we know him, and hear His voice – and are obedient to it. Thus, the revelatory gifts such as the word of knowledge, prophecy, and the word of wisdom become useful parts of our walk with Christ if we embrace them. The Kingdom is at hand regardless of the government, and always has been – well at least since since Jesus said it was.

  4. theoldadam says:

    God tells His own, “If they did this to me when the wood was hard, what will they do to you when the wood is green?”

    No special deals for Christians. Unless you think suffering to be a special deal.

    Most of us lead such comfortable, cozy Christian lives, afraid to really step out in faith, that our suffering is very limited to being called a nut, now and then.

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