Putting On My Big Boy Pants (I Got a Job), Or (Trying To) Manipulate God

Noelle at six months old.

Today’s a great day. And not because I’m announcing I got a job. It’s a great day because it’s the first birthday of my daughter Noelle. It was in fact her birth that inspired me to write my first post last July (CCC trivia: I actually started Charlie’s Church of Christ in 2006 while on a 5-month road trip but it only lasted 3 posts. I had been planning on resurrecting it for 6 months and Noelle’s birth was the catalyst). We will spend the day eating cupcakes leftover from her party yesterday.

But, yeah, I got a job. Next week I’ll be working for a local medical clinic as a technician in their pharmacy. Sad to say it’s only a temporary job, as I’m merely covering for someone on hiatus, however it is my hope that I’ll be able to find another job within the company, as they employ 500 people. I actually turned down a full time position with benefits for this temporary one, as I quickly realized that job was not the direction I wanted to go, and we’re hoping the risk will pay off.

Many thanks for all of your prayers and encouragements and kind words over the last few months. I was blown away that any of you even cared at all, let alone would pray for me. It ain’t over yet as I’ll be job searching again in a few months, but my spidey-sense is tingling.

And Now For The Take Home Lesson

The job search was an interesting time for me spiritually. I found myself trying to play psychological games with God manipulate him, and if such a thing could be done. If I realized I hadn’t prayed about a possible job I would just so that couldn’t be used against me. I prayed as if God wouldn’t give me anything unless I did.

I’d pray for him to give me certain jobs, which is interesting because 1) I temporarily became a Calvinist, wanting God to control everything, including a company’s hiring process and 2) as if he’d rather give me the job just because we have a special thing, even if it meant a more qualified applicant wouldn’t get it.

I find it interesting how we (me) play ridiculous mental head games with the Divine just so we can get what we want. I would say it worked because I did get a job, but of course I don’t think God fell for my funny little schemes. Thank heavens (okay, thank him) that he doesn’t.

What sort of ridiculous psychological games have you played with God. Have you duped him?

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12 Responses to Putting On My Big Boy Pants (I Got a Job), Or (Trying To) Manipulate God

  1. Congrats Charlie! i will continue praying for a permanent position! i think it is a step of faith (some may call it a risk) to turn down a job that was not in the direction you felt you wanted to go, than to take it, regret it, and be miserable. I have tried the manipulation stuff with God and I now wonder if He “held out” to show me who was boss. Or to show me that He had something for me but it wasn’t because of my begging and pleading, etc that he gave it to me. 🙂

  2. JamesBrett says:

    congratulations on the job. and happy birthday to the daughter. i’ll keep praying about long-term work. word.

  3. jeff says:

    Wish I could help you with the cupcakes. Congrats on the job. I am not a Calvinist either. I don’t play games with God or anyone else I have no chance of winning against.

  4. I think the favorite one is the fleece like Gideon did. If this happens, I will know it is God’s will. It’s not really faith; even gamblers will always bet on 50/50 odds.

    When I pray for me and my family, I honestly don’t care what the circumstances are. I am hoping to hear God. For some time I have felt that we are supposed to move, and I don’t really know where – though I have a few thoughts. I need to hear God (not that I wanted to move anyway!) My wife found a house for us and we have applied to get it. The rest is in God’s hands. If it is approved, that still doesn’t mean this is the place. We still need to hear God.

    One thing I have learned about God is that circumstances don’t matter at all. It’s not about logic, or about what seems right – even what I want. If he wants me to move, then I want to move – I just hope that he’ll send some folks to pack the truck.

    • thanks David! Gotta admit you’ve got a stellar and faithful attitude – the kind many Christians dream of. I’ll also admit I’m more than in love with my town and I’ve been saying I’ll only leave when a volcano erupts (which is actually possible, there are a few 20 miles away). I find it interesting that you don’t necessarily take circumstances as evidence. In the church I grew up in circumstances = God. If you didn’t get offered a job then it meant God didn’t want you to have it.

  5. Somehow lost my last paragrah…

    I think that pharmacy thin is awesome – well next to watching our kids grow up! With that sor of experience you live and work in any town in the US pretty much. I like that sort of flexibility.

    Congrats on all fronts!

  6. Congrats on the job 🙂 Sure hope it works out well for ya.

  7. Larry Hughes says:

    Charlie I am so thankfull you did land a job. Congrats.

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