Personal Update, Or I Attempt To Excuse The Lack Of Posts Despite Being Unemployed

My wife can’t believe I have the ability to be quiet. But that’s exactly what it’s been like ’round here. I celebrated my 27th birthday Tuesday, and we turned the holiday & birthday into a family trip up to the Columbia River and Mt. Hood area.

The blog hasn’t been as hyperactive the last few weeks – which is funny since you’d think I’d have tons of time to post since losing my job in April. Oddly enough I barely find time to read blogs, let alone work on my on blog, and I only get that time when the wife and daughter are tucked away in bed. However by then inspiration just ain’t flowin’. My days are spent job searching and hanging with my ENERGETIC daughter. We do another round of baby proofing each week because she loves to discover.

I’ve had two interviews thus far and I have one today. Thank you for your support, I’m amazed you guys ask how its going. Hopefully I’ll have news soon, I’m more hopeful than I’ve been in months. And I’d like to write some posts soon, too. 

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12 Responses to Personal Update, Or I Attempt To Excuse The Lack Of Posts Despite Being Unemployed

  1. Will continue praying for your job situation charlie. And your energy. sounds like you have a real challenge on your hands. I found out about 2 weeks ago when i spent a week my 4 1/2 year old grandson why children are given to young adults.

    • haha that’s hilarious. The trend these days is to have kids in mid to late 30’s – I guess it gives you 10 years to make sure you are in best shape of your life to handle the kids!

      • David says:

        We had our little one in our mid 40’s. She’s 7, I am 53.

      • hope you didn’t read that comment as an insult of any kind David for it surely wasn’t. There is an enormous advantage to parenting later in life. I may act as though I know it all, but in fact I don’t. And you’ve had a chance to perfect your patience by now, whereas I’m still in patience T-ball.

  2. I was just praying for you this morning, Charlie. Don’t fret about the blogging….we’ll all be here. :0)

  3. David says:

    I have been praying for you daily to find a job.

    It’s awesome that you get time with your daughter – the years go blasting by even if you are not hyper busy.

    I love Mt Hood and the river. I remember rounding the corner on the interstate and there was Mt Hood silhouetted by the setting sun; what a beautiful sight. I also loved jet boating through Hell’s Canyon in Eastern OR, Oregon Dunes, and the drive down the Pacific Coast. In fact, OR is the most beautiful state in the continental USA.

    • thanks David, I SO appreciate your support. I am already the guy saying “time goes by so fast” because I am in disbelief she is nearly a year old. Though my wife may be able to believe it because she hasn’t sleep well in a year.

      I didn’t know you ever got out here David. I am obsessed with mountains, though I’ve driven by Mt. Hood dozens of times I still take photos each time. I’ve only ever hiked in Hell’s Canyon – I do want to get over there more (when its not 100 degrees).

  4. Larry Hughes says:


    I have been concerned with your job hunt and praying. However, I feel that an opportunity will come your way shortly. Just be patient. I don’t know when it will happen. Only God knows that.

  5. Amy says:

    I’ve been praying for you, Charlie! I want you to know that. And happy birthday!

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