Too Dark To Find A Light On It’s Own, Or Charlie Writes A Late Night Post

If this were a Christian theory class – after welcoming everyone and mentioning the beautiful weather we’d be having I would say to the class that a Christian is one who is not only moving himself from the darkness to the light, but is also in some way moving the world from darkness into the light. I’d say something about how we cannot isolate ourselves from the dark places of the world and only hang out in holy circles, as the dark places of the world won’t fix themselves. They won’t heal themselves. Instead the Christian charges forward into those places and offers a light, a redemption, a savior.

I’m writing this post at nearly 2am. I got off work tonight way late, later than I ever have due to the worst incident I’ve ever witnessed in my near 8 years in the field of social/human services.

What a theory – going into the dark, murky, evil places of the world and trying to bring a light. Man it sounds beautiful. And man is it the worst to be there.

And truth be told it sure doesn’t seem like I brought much light. Nights like tonight make me want to walk away, and say trying to bring redemption to this place isn’t for me. I truly wonder why I bother. I know all the cute answers about how I don’t know the impact I’m having and what not, I know because I’ve used them on myself.

You can tell this is a late night post. I offer no resolution. There is still much ugliness in the world. It’s despairing. It can seem hopeless. And I know it won’t change on it’s own, as much as I want it to. But at the same time, I don’t want to go back out there.

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8 Responses to Too Dark To Find A Light On It’s Own, Or Charlie Writes A Late Night Post

  1. Truth be told Charlie: I sometimes feel that way about preaching. This is not meant to bring a diatribe against the practice of churches when it comes to preaching, but my own feelings of one doing his “job” only to wonder if there is ever any change. Much like you experienced here. Does it make a difference? Can peoples’ lives really change/be changed? I reckon you know the answers I have come up with since I am still doing this after almost 40 years. I won’t hit you with the cliches you already know about. I can only say that I must do what God has called me to do and leave the results up to Him. Praying for you still.

  2. David says:

    Sure there is a lot of evil in the world. And yes, as a church we are called to bring light to dark places. However; we can just head off into the darkness and hope that all goes well. It is the drum I always pound: unless we hear from God, we don’t even know to do next.

    I always say, do what God tells you to do and when you do’t have clear instructions, feed the poor, take care of a widow, or visit someone in jail; everything else requires a mandate from God. To be light in a dark place we must be full of the Holy Spirit, not just posses it. The idea that just because we call ourselves a Christian the would around us will change is crazy. We need God’s wisdom and power, or it is all in our flesh and worthless.

    And finally I have seen some really ugly stuff too. It’s wounding… but that is what the peace of God is for. I hope you can connect with it.

    • thanks David. I’ve had to walk in those dark places simply by going to work some days, and I think it is the peace of God that’s kept me going. I tend to be relatively unaffected by what happens. I love what you say that if you don’t have clear instructions then do what the Bible tells us (feed poor, take care of widow). I think some wait for mandates to do just that, when that’s already been given centuries ago.

  3. jay sauser says:

    just wanted to stop by and let you know that although I’m not commenting as much as I used to, i’m still reading you off of my goog reader

  4. Larry Hughes says:

    It takes a united effort to bring light into a dark world. One alone will not make a difference.

    AS I remember from Norman Vicent Peale from the 50’s program he hosted. If every one would light just one candle together, what a brighter world this would be.

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