The Most Annoying Thing Your Father Said That Ended Up Being True, Or Free Post See Inside For Details

Usually when you hear the age old phrase “Nothing in life is free” it’s a way of saying “though they’re giving you a free smart phone they want a 2 year contract along with the exorbitant monthly fee,” or “though it’s a delicious sausage they’re going to try to make you a member of the Constitution Party.” It’s a solid principle – basically nothing in life is just given out – there is always a catch.

The cute saying that causes you to roll your eyes every time your dad says is onto something.

I remember in high school praying for the answer to a test question because I just had no clue at all when I stopped to think – would God really rescue me from not studying for a test?

I do believe God’s grace is free and you have to do nothing to earn it. Like really, nothing. Yet if you want redemption, if you want restoration, you have to go through hell to get there. I think we get fooled by stories of God’s freely given grace and God coming suddenly to make the world whole in an instant – we get to thinking that God takes care of everything. We get to thinking it comes free.

I tell my clients in drug and alcohol recovery that they intense high they got wasn’t free considering the tremendous toll it takes on the body. You don’t just get that feeling of ecstasy for nothin’.

While many Christians seek to shelter themselves from the sinfulness of the world, the only way to transform it is to march into it dead on. Similarly our personal growth comes at a cost – the death of old parts of us.

I find I need this reminder often – for some reason I expect all good and none of the bad. And that just ain’t how it works. But in some mysterious way this makes life all the more interesting and enrapturing.

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9 Responses to The Most Annoying Thing Your Father Said That Ended Up Being True, Or Free Post See Inside For Details

  1. Many years ago I thought that “Behold, all things are new” meant that God had snapped His fingers and changed me, and that the reason I wasn’t immediately experiencing those changes was that I just hadn’t gotten with the program yet. I didn’t realize then that I was right smack in the middle of the program, and that God was in the process of allowing me to work with Him in the changes that were taking place in me, and will continue to take place until He that began a good work is faithful to complete it in me. It’s not the easy way, and sometimes I wish that He would just wave a magic wand, but it’s the only way for me to understand the full value of the transformation that is happening. I really don’t think there are too many times when He does the finger snapping thing….

    • I agree the finger snap thing doesn’t seem often. It makes for a hit conversion story though – how many have you heard where after meeting Jesus they never desired alcohol again (i guess for every 1 of those there are 10 we don’t hear where they still battled their way through addiction).

  2. David says:

    Grace is a gift, but we unwrap it by faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. The idea that we say we believe in an entity that w can see, touch or feel, and the try to do the rules they way we interpret that they were written, is pure religion.

    The cost of following Jesus is GREAT! It means that we have to die to self. And some of the “selfs” around the church are in pretty bad shape. God has created a new man, and I believe we are “new.” The problem is in releasing the Spirit of God (which requires the old man to be very dead). If we do not know how to live by the Spirit, and are never taught that in church, how could we ever succeed?

    If we learn to hear God’s voice, and discern things spiritually, we are well on our way. If not, I think we are dead in the water.

    • I think I’d even question if our faith pleases God. In a sense I could see it as something he delights in, however it is far from satisfactory…

      I think the church I grew up didn’t speak much of dying to ourselves, or as you say the old man must be very dead. Instead they communicated you should be free lust and longing after worldly things, which is merely a fraction of what it means to be dead.

      • David says:

        Wow. Yeah, some how we want to fit in our desires and get God to approve them. Some how I guess we need to be needy enough to say, “whatever you want Lord.” Not much of that when all your needs are taken care of.

  3. Larry Hughes says:

    My Dad used to say “Just wait son. Some day you will be telling this to your children”. Unfortunately, he was right and I stand guilty.

    Really there is nothing free in life. Except God’s grace and love. Even at that, there is a price. Your life born again and walk as Jesus. Not a bad trade in my view. Well worth the price.

  4. jeff says:

    Why go to the trouble for 3 comments?

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