Dealing With Space Cadets, Or God Could Be Anywhere (And He Probably Is)

I’ve known a handful of people I’d easily classify as space cadets. People who don’t seem to understand how the world turns. It’s not because they choose to go against how the world works, but they seem to operate in their own little world inside their head – oblivious to everything swirling around them.

They are interesting people to hang out, albeit frustrating at times. Recently one such friend has come back into my life after a 2 year absence, as he picked up a job in my town. He tends to hang around for hours on end at our place, and at times I find myself annoyed, especially lately as my wife and I have barely had a spare moment alone and his presence made that amount of time ever rarer.

As cheesy as it sounds, lately I have to remember he could be Jesus in disguise. If I were Jesus and I wanted to come to earth to see how my people would treat me, I’d for sure take on the skin of my friend. No one would ever see me coming – being a crazy-haired 20-something who seemingly aimlessly and hap-hazardly stumbles around life.

Alright so I’m still pretty confident that my friend isn’t God, not even an angel, but it’s still a good reminder. I truly think I  can judge or measure my faith by how I treat people. Because really, that’s what it’s all about – what it all comes down to is the way I love (or don’t love) those around me. And of course we’re not just speaking of those we choose to surround ourselves with, but those we come into contact anyway despite our best efforts at avoidance.

I am however very confident that Michael W. Smith is not an angel in disguise.

It seems I need endless reminders that theology isn’t the best way to judge a faith, even though we offer up many litmus tests to see how those around us size up. Lots of people endorse other’s faith – saying their “sound”, or conversely we judge other’s faith because they seem to be loose in certain critical areas, and certainly these things do have an importance. Ultimately though, how we treat our peers suggests leagues more about our beliefs and our faith.

So in a way the whole idea of people being angels in disguise is a bit silly, but at the same time it’s something to keep in mind. You probably shouldn’t even kick dogs, just to be safe.

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9 Responses to Dealing With Space Cadets, Or God Could Be Anywhere (And He Probably Is)

  1. Su says:

    I think about entertaining angels unawares a lot, especially in moments like you describe (crazy people on the bus, for instance). It’s important to treat everyone like you would treat Jesus, I think, since everyone is made in the image of God.

    • I am trying hard lately to remember it during my interactions with people a bit off their rocker. A woman came up to us in the restaurant tonight and immediately picked up our baby who was crawling and I nearly lept out of our seat – she proceeded to tell us she was pregnant with triplets, though it was apparent she was very mentally ill. My natural inclination was not towards grace, so I still need the reminder of this post.

  2. jeff says:

    I think how you treat other people (and dogs) says a lot about a person’s character but very little about their faith.There is a never ending list of people of faith with little good character and a long list of people with good character and little faith. I think the two have very little in common.

  3. David says:

    It’s the exact opposite on the east coast, you can’t get anybody to come and spend a few minutes and hang out, space cadet or not.

    I have come to the conclusion that Jesus gives me the people that he wants me to invest in.The rest I just have to let them be. Good thoughts though…

  4. Larry Hughes says:

    Space cadets can be very annoying. I doubt seroiusly that an angel or Jesus would be or act like a space cadet, a mooch, or free loader. However, some people but not many of the faith that I have come in contact with appeared to be space cadets, moochers, and free loaders thinking you owed them something.
    For some reason, I do have the ability to size up people fairly accurately on their intentions. I know what their motives are before they even reveal them.

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