Don’t Worry We Treat Everyone Like Crap, Or In Need Of A Top Notch Public Relations Team

I’m out of town this whole week, so I’ve scheduled a few posts. If this is your first time here when I’m on vacation I polish off the posts stalled in draft-land and offer them as b-sides. I will likely not be able to reply to comments til the end of the month. 

Maybe it’s because I hang around blogs that highlight Christian issues and debates, but I’m acutely aware of Christian in-fighting. I do my best to not contribute, but I do stand on the sidelines and watch ’em go at it.

When it comes to intellectual stuff it seems to be the norm to fight dirty – taking it personal/going for low blows, assuming one error equals a hundred more, condescending statements and putting down the other as if they are children, and discrediting other legitimate work simply be association.

I wouldn’t expect the progressives and the conservatives to be the best of buddies – I understand that when they meet they can only see the glaring differences. But even if we are in a church we like with people whom we are similar to there is often so much gossip and power-play and judgment. People get their feelings hurt and leave in a black cloud and friendships are broken. With people we like! With people we’re similar to! 

Not a bad plan. We'll look into it.

And to the world we are the party-killers. We condemn all the fun, we tell people they are going to hell, we yell about being persecuted and disrespected, and we spew judgement and highlight every single shortcoming and flaw*.

Wait a second – we are not loving to those around us and we are not loving to those outside of us…  Doesn’t that seem a big striking? I’m not all about image control but that’s not the best reputation to have. I don’t think hiring a top notch PR team to take over for a while is what’s needed, but at the same time we may want to worry about this just a little bit. Just in the last 50 years we’ve become the annoying person you go out of our way to avoid.

What is the image of Christians to those around you? I’m curious to know, and I hope it’s not like what I’ve described. Should Christians even care what their image is to the greater world? What can be done to curb some of the negative fog hanging over it? 

*This is of course not the whole story, neither is the section about Christian in-fighting, but for some reason this stuff has a way of sticking with you and it’s tough to shake these images.

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3 Responses to Don’t Worry We Treat Everyone Like Crap, Or In Need Of A Top Notch Public Relations Team

  1. David says:

    As long as certain groups of Christians spend time talking about God, but have nothing to show for their efforts, they will not ever have a good image. As long as it is intellect and perceived character, it will fail.

    For example, a lot of the church calls themselves evangelicals, yet how many have actually brought someone to Christ in say that last 3 months? There are others that claim that God heals, but how many of them have seen a miraculous healing in the last 3 months? Heck, most Christians i know don’t believe in casting out demons! For the most part, we’d rather get caught up in arguing about the rapture, evolution and whether or not gays can get saved.

    It is pretty simple, there is one Gospel, and includes powerful signs and wonders. So here is my formula.

    No Power + Intellectual Bible Belief = Dead Religion

    Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

    Without a testimony, we will never have a good image.

  2. Mike Friesen says:

    I think we shouldn’t be image drive, but, deeply self-aware. If we are aware of our hostility, violence and carelessness, then we need to address it. But, sometimes things need to be stirred up, but, in love.

    Thanks Charlie,
    Great thoughts,

  3. Su says:

    I think I’m probably a recovering conservative Christian. And as such, I’ve heard many in the conservative camp bemoaning our (that’s Christendom as a whole) reputation in the world, but then going on to say something like, “But Jesus said the whole world would hate us, so what do we expect?” As you may guess, this makes me a little crazy, because I think we have the world hating us (if indeed that’s the correct word) for all the wrong reasons and not at all for reasons Jesus said.

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