We’d Crucify God All Over Again, Or Easter Chocolates Part One

I’m not good at vacation. I was supposed to be posting b-sides this week, but instead I got all fired up about Easter. So fired up in fact that this is part one of three reflections about Easter in my usual non-traditional, non-devotional style.

Easter is the time we reflect most poignantly that we killed God when he came down to earth.

And I don’t mean we are the ones who put him on that cross because we sinned and fell short of the glory of God. I simply mean we, as humanity, had God in our midst and we didn’t just write him off or merely call him a nutjob, but we actually killed him for what he spoke of and stood for. We killed him for it – that’s how badly it violated what we believe.

They killed Jesus because they didn’t like what he had to say, they killed him because he was doing all of these things in God’s name that didn’t seem like how they understood God to be. A God who wouldn’t pick up the sword, a God who granted mercy to adulterers, a God who hung out questionable people, a God who even violated God’s own law!

Jesus showed us a very different God than how the Jews understood him. Jesus went out of his way to correct our misconceptions and turn them on their head. I  think in many ways we just couldn’t believe it – it didn’t seem right, and so we’ve re-misunderstood God. We flipped God back around to that primitive understanding of God. Though we are a religion based on this Jesus who corrected all these crazy misconceptions of God we reconstructed God to make sense again.

Would we still kill God today? I think so. Though we had the opportunity to be corrected, I still think we’d yell blasphemy and eliminate him.

We’d tell him he can’t forgive those people, and we’d list the 4 different sins they’ve committed that are beyond the line (statutory rape? murder?).

We’d tell him he can’t grant them mercy  – they’ve done this horrible thing, they’ve been manipulating and abusing and milking the system.

We’d tell God that love really isn’t the way – it’s just too slow, it’s just too hard, it’s just doesn’t get the job done.

Do you think we’ve advanced much since Jesus corrected our misconceptions or do you agree we rightsided the upside down God that Jesus showed us? Do you think we’d kill God today if we had the chance?

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15 Responses to We’d Crucify God All Over Again, Or Easter Chocolates Part One

  1. I think we would kill Him. We are still afraid of people who are different than us, who will stand up to the status quo and challenge those religious people in power. We are often intimidated by those who are different or who want to do things differently or want to “push” us to another way of treating people. so…yeah, I believe we would (only maybe in a more “humane” way).

  2. Darius says:

    Are you talking “we” as in humanity in general? Then yes, “we” would definitely kill him again… and again… and again.

  3. Mark says:

    I don’t know if we would kill God in this day and time but we would definitely marginalize Him. I could see Jesus being the victim of an all out media attack complete with allegations that he raised Hitler and George Burns from the dead.

    I think today’s society is too apathetic to really get their hands dirty. Today people rely more on character assassination from 1000 miles away, than taking the time to have their butt handed to them by Jesus in a “Pharisee style” religious debate. It is for this reason they will be susceptible to the big lie coming down the pike. I praise the Lord that Jesus has already provided the way!

    Great Post!

  4. David says:

    Religion is a killer, so yes, the religious people with positions and titles and logic, and intellectual understanding that don’t know Him, I am sure they would do it again.

    Think about it, a guy shows up in the service, and gets his welcome packet. Then he mentions to the pastor that He is the Messiah and would like to preach, but doesn’t have a seminary degree. So, after the service where basically nothing happens, he heads out to the parking lot, spits in his hand, makes some mud and heals a few sick people. Then he moves on to another place. The problem is that the people that got healed go with him.

    This happens over and over in your town, until most of the churches where nothing is happening are down to a handful of people.

  5. Larry Hehn says:

    Yep, we do the same stuff over and over. That’s why I find the Bible to be so relevant. I see myself far too often in those pages.

  6. Larry Hughes says:

    My God I hope not!

    Christ is still being crucified today by certain demogogs. What He has stated in the scriptures strikes fear in certain groups as it does go against their concept of Free will and if it sounds OK to you then it is right. The ones that come to mind are Socialism, Humanism, Christian Scientist and a bunch of other isms.

    Even Jesus warned of those that will come before us claiming to be the messiah so naturally we will be skeptical. Unfortunately, we again will have to ask for signs and see miracles to believe it is Him But I don’t think He will have time for that.

    But as prophesized the next time He returns He will come as no mortal flesh but as God imself taking up those chosen and His church before the times of tribulation. With that super natural event, the ones left behind can be certain that He is who and what He says He is.

  7. Carla says:

    Well first of all Christ had to die to be a sacrifice because our sin separated us from God so regardless of when Jesus walked the earth he would die because all humans have sinned. While the Jews/Romans/zealots physically killed Christ the truth is it was God’s will for Him to die and Christ submitted to it. Christ had the power to stop the crucifixion but He understand the work He was doing on the cross. God willed the sacrifice of His only Son in order to save humanity and to complete His love for them. Jesus and the Father had a lot more to do with Christ’s death than the people did.

    That being said many people today have made their doctrine their own gods, have been their money or power their own gods or have made their good works their own gods. No one wants their idols taken down by anyone, not even the Son of God, Himself. Would we kill Him? I don’t know. Has the work on the cross already been done or not. If Jesus already having been the sacrifice for humanity 2000 years ago just came to earth to chill with His homies, He would probably be ostracized. He wouldn’t be with the big well known leaders, He would hang with those feeding the poor, loving the sinners, doing His work in their daily lives unbeknownst to the rest of us.

    • you’re right on the money that no one likes their idols taken down.

      I appreciated your comment on who really killed Jesus. I try to write from a different angle – and so instead of another post like hundreds of others about “how we all sent Jesus to the cross because he needed to atone for our sins” I wanted to look at the stunning reality that the people of Jesus’ day killed because he was seen as such a treat. To me we can learn a lot from that (as well as the other aspect of the story that you brought up).

      • Carla says:

        Thanks Charlie. I like that your posts are different from the hundreds out there, in fact I probably wrote this reply after reading a few blogs about how we put Christ on the cross or that He willing died!

        I think sometimes I have a hard time thinking about this in a hypothetical sense because I ask so many questions, like is this the first or second time He came? But the hypothetical does lead to good conversations!

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