I Will Not (Okay I Will TRY Not), Or Reconciling With Kirk Cameron

Because I broke tradition and didn’t post on Thursday, I’m doing non-traditional special edition posts. Hope you can handle the break from status quo!

My introduction into the blogging world was actually Matthew Paul Turner’s popular Jesus Needs New PR. When I was in Hawaii waiting for a flight back home to Oregon I happened upon a book of his and proceeded to read it cover to cover. So when I made it home I found his blog, which frequently posts videos, photos or quotes of Christians doing/saying ridiculous things.

Which means Turner will never run out of material. Christians say the darnedest things, and I’ll admit I had a lot fun tuning into watch the insanity. A fairly recurring topic on his blog is Kirk Cameron, the actor turned evangelist who has a reputation for talk show appearances debating God’s existence. Kirk doesn’t take the most academic approach, and some of his proofs are, let’s be honest, fairly laughable.

But I think I’m done. For me, making fun of people is not in the spirit of Jesus. I struggle to find the redemption there. I’m done antagonizing and picking on people, especially from the safety of my laptop tucked away in my living room. It doesn’t feel right, and it definitely doesn’t help the brotherhood of believers.

This post isn’t calling out Matthew Paul Turner, I’m simply stating a shift for me.

Taking it even further – I don’t want to spend all of my time picking apart other Christians. When you are so consumed with picking apart, you are not building anything of your own. This doesn’t mean I won’t comment from time to time on some of interesting things Christians do, but I will do so because it often helps to look at what not to do. I will not have fun at their expense.

Though I reserve the right to make fun of anyone who comments on my blog.

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21 Responses to I Will Not (Okay I Will TRY Not), Or Reconciling With Kirk Cameron

  1. You make fun of me on your blog and I think I will take my comment and go home. 🙂 but you have a good point here Charlie. I, too, read/watch/critique/whatever MPT’s blog. Sometimes I think “I am done.” But I think curiosity keeps me going back. I think that maybe I will learn or see something or get linked to someone whom I can learn from. I am appalled at some of the things he posts (people do in the name of Jesus) and cringe that it was said or done. But I also chuckle sometimes at what he digs up and wonder “how in the world…?” But you make a good point about laughing at others. Oh btw: you missed Thursday? lol

    • it’s kind of easy to justify following MPT’s site – and to be fair he isn’t all bashing or making fun of people. I think he’s received a lot of feedback about that and is trying to be more fair. And it is a good way to keep the pulse of what’s happening in the Christian spectrum, but it’s also one of those thing you need to balance/discern – so that you don’t end up poking fun at people considered your siblings, your family (no matter how wacky)

  2. I’m with you all the way, bro. I’m sick of the heresy hunter blogs, I’m rather tired of the MPT approach to changing Christianity, and even the Stuff Christians Like blog stopped being funny, even though I like Jon and admit that there’s a lot of funny stuff out there.

    I choose to make fun of people just because they do goofy stuff, and not because they’re Christians.

    So, if I make fun of you, it’s because you deserve it, and not because you’re a Christian 🙂

    Somehow, I’ve got to learn how to build people up and encourage them by making fun of them. Hmmm. Because I don’t like cheesy encouragement, either.

    • yeah I agree SCL has lost a lot of steam – I know if I were him I would have run out of ideas a year ago.

      and I also can’t do heresy hunter blogs, I just have no interest in that. If anything it frustrates me and puts me in a bad head space.

      and as for building up by making fun of them – that may take years of research so let me know what you turn up 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    I agree with you, Charlie. I am seeing more blogs that degrade those who are slower to catch on spiritually.

    Personally, I hope that my blog exposes ideas that are not true, rather than throwing punches at people whose intelligence I would like to belittle. The faulty ideas people embrace do not make them less important in the eyes of Jesus or worthy of the same scorn the Lord Jesus bore while soldiers were casting lots for His clothing. I see the crucifixation of Christ take place when I see other Christians get belittled.

    • such great wisdom there Brian – that their faulty ideas don’t mean they are less of a person or that Jesus views them differently. I am not up for belittling, as cliche as it sounds we are all on our own journey and likely spent years in that stage of faulty, slower ideas.

  4. Amy says:

    See, the whole thing is that the “enlightened” think the “unenlightened” like Kirk Cameron are totally wrong. I hate that elitist attitude. The problem is maybe we’re ALL unenlightened and we’ve all got it wrong. We can gracefully disagree…and that’s the biggest rarity of all.

  5. you are right on it is very elitist and at the same ignorant because we likely have lots of things wrong and we aren’t as great as we think we are.

  6. David says:

    I am Bernard, I am tired of the heresy hunters.

    Conversely I Skyped with Matt Appling from The Church of No People today, and it was totally awesome! He is educated, thoughtful (funny) and does a great job of asking important questions without name calling. Now that all the Kennedy’s are gone from the national scene, I am going to try it too.

    I like the potential to ask questions and have a discussion.

    BTW – I am still waiting to discuss a couple of books with you Charlie.

    • David I promise I am not blowing you off in regards to books. I even thought earlier today how I want to read the one you mentioned in your super sweet o me of little faith guest post. However my reading pace is slow right now, I’m averaging a book a month and I’ve got 2 on deck I’m stoked to start (I just wish I had more time to read).

  7. Ike says:

    Make fun of people??? Charlie…..you need a serious haircut… and then donate it to pastor “cycleguy”. Oops.

  8. Su says:

    Someone in Bible class a couple of weeks ago mentioned that a lot of what Christians do seems strange to the world. I choked back the comment that that’s only because Christians do strange things.

  9. MPT says:


    I have a few questions of my own.

    Did you approach me about the video you’re referring to? Did you send me an email or leave me a comment to voice your concern regarding the out-of-context video? I’m assuming you must have done this, especially since you’re mentioning your disgust in public on a blog.

    So I’m going to assume that you did. Now, if that’s true–I mean, if you did indeed send me that email or message–I don’t recall reading it or receiving it. Now I might have and just forget, so please correct me if that’s the case. But usually when I receive a message like that, I do my best to respond.

    So, in light of that, if you’ll let me know which video you’re referring to, I’ll certainly take your thoughts into consideration and perhaps pull the post from my blog to avoid others’ viewing the content out of context.

    Also, your second sentence is so offensive and insensitive and untrue that I don’t even know where I should begin. But rather than respond to it, I’m going to assume that you only wrote that because you’re angry and not because you actually believe it. Because if you believed that, if you truly were convinced that I was a bigot, I would hope that you would have made some effort to reach out to me and challenge my so-called “bigotry” with grace and reconciliation.

    Thank you…


    • I know you don’t know me MPT but I just want to say that i agree with you on this. I find the comment offensive as well. I have become very close to some bloggers who grew up in legalistic homes or religious traditions who are fighting their way to freedom. I do not find them bigots healing from fundamentalism. I find them genuine loving but hurting people who are seeking freedom. I may not always like what you have written or published but I have NEVER felt you were bigoted in any way, shape or form.

      To you David: I do think your statement was rude and out of place. If you did not do what MPT suggested, then you really ought to be careful what you write on someone else’s blog about a person.

      That is my .02 worth (for what its worth). And sorry Charlie if I overstepped my bounds.

      • when I saw MPT posted here I checked my post and subsequent replies to comments, as all of a sudden when that person is in the room you begin wondering what you’ve said (I also wondered how on earth MPT found this blog? Aren’t I the least read blog on the planet?!). I think overall I was fair and level, which is a relief, and is a good lesson for me/us all. No conversation, especially on the internet, is private. Anyway all that to say I’ll e-mail David tomorrow in case he hasn’t seen MPT’s reply yet. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t sit around on my blog all day 🙂

  10. David says:

    @MPT – Thanks for a thoughtful response. I was reading Matthew 5 this morning, and verse 25 said this. ” Agree with your adversary quickly.” So, I am going to do that, and agree with you that my comment truly insensitive. I hope you’ll forgive me.

    Charlie, if you wouldn’t mind, I think it would be in best interest of all here, and any potential future readers if you would delete my comment (I would if I could, and I will hack you I have to. 😉 )

    Grace and peace to you, MPT.

  11. Mpt says:

    Charlie, I’ve read your blog a few times! Because you comment often at my blog, I’ve followed the link.

    And David, thank you for your gracious response. All is forgiven. Thank you again.


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