The Kingdom Here For a Day or Two, Or There May Be Some Good Left in Christmas

(Please allow this quick disclaimer: I’ve had to resist the urge to blog extensively on the continuing war on Christmas. It is perplexing to me, as I cannot even believe in it’s a sore subject among so many Christians. Worry not, I have no interest in ranting about that here, other than quickly throwing out there that forcing someone to celebrate your religious holiday is illogical if they are not of that religion – not to mention all those commands for us to love, and to calm down on judging.)

I have to say that 26 years into life, a life where I’ve always been in church, I’m still not totally clear on what exactly is the kingdom of God. As a kid I just assumed that was a fancy term for heaven in the afterlife, and though I’d say its far more than that now, I’d still be hard pressed to define it.

In spite of my inability to define the kingdom of God, I will say that for two or three days the Kingdom seems to be here on earth. It seems to be inside of more than just the most devout Christians. People joyful, giving one another gifts, gathering together – it really is a beautiful thing. Sins against one another are forgiven, people reconcile and drop differences – these are the things of the kingdom.

So we can complain all we want about Christmas, about the consumerism, about the busyness, but for a few days the Kingdom seems just a little bit closer. And I don’t mind that at all.

Some may complain that we are forgetting the reason for the season, that we are losing sight of worshiping Jesus in these times. I hear that, though as I pointed out recently, Jesus wasn’t terribly concerned about being worshipped properly. He seemed more concerned with there being peace among men, and grace given to one another. So maybe how we do it isn’t so bad after all. Remember, a more selfless being has not graced this earth, meaning being exalted could take a back seat to the love and the joy of the kingdom abounding around us.

I know that’s not the most pious stance to take, and you look a lot more Christian when you staunchly defend Jesus’ day in the sun, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

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6 Responses to The Kingdom Here For a Day or Two, Or There May Be Some Good Left in Christmas

  1. David says:

    What is the Kingdom of God? It is an unseen Kingdom with more power than all the armies on earth. It is filled with more knowledge and wisdom than all the University libraries contain now, or ever will. It’s power is so miraculous that it transcends time, and cast a light that is so pure and intense that the sun pails in comparison. It is a realm that is within us, and outside us. It has no end, and definitely only one King.

    This very Kingdom Jesus said was at hand. BY its power, and obedience to the eternal ruler, we can have it now. We can know it now, and we can invite others in.

    Sure it seems a little closer because the world, for a short season, is focused on the proper things – things that are eternal.

    Merry Christmas, Charlie. May the blessing of the King of Kings be on you and your family today, and for ever more.

  2. Angela says:

    Charlie I appreciate that even though you are not shy about expressing your qualms with Christians and the modern church that you haven’t given up. You still consider yourself part of the church and you still attend. The church is a messed up living, breathing organism that we are all apart of and separating ourselves completely will only do harm.

  3. Brandon says:

    I like it Charlie. Not that God is utilitarian, but he certainly doesn’t seem to be as concerned as we are regarding the adherence to certain beliefs; but is adamantly concerned about our actions.

    • i think we separated the two (action and belief) in our efforts to save souls by believing in Jesus – we wanted to break it down as simply and as formulaic-ly as we could, and now we’re finding we need to bind them together again after all.

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