The Letter of The Law, Or Is Charlie’s Church of Christ Joining The Baptist Denomination?

I’m not sure how you wandered here, what brought you to my site, but I doubt that if you came back it was because you appreciated me upholding traditional Republican values. I doubt you filed me away in the mental category of “safe conservative Christian.”

If anything, you may have appreciated that I’m (hopefully) not another annoying forceful Christian.

I’ve never identified myself as a conservative. I probably once identified myself as evangelical, but that’s because I knew no other alternative and I simply thought evangelical was a synonym for Christian. Those not evangelical were simply not Christian.

I grew up so entrenched in evangelical Christianity that I never knew of any alternatives.

I’ve served my time rebelling against the conservatives, airing my grievances and reacting to various, near innumerable, absurdities. But, I think I’m understanding conservatives now, just a little bit. And I think it’s because I’m seeing more of the heart behind why they do what they do.

Maybe you don’t know me well enough, but this is big.

I appreciate that they play it safe, as they don’t want to deviate because they know what is sound. Though it doesn’t take many twists or turns to become legalism, they hold to the letter of the Law because of what God seems to like, and they don’t want to risk a slippery decent.

And though it can be annoying that they don’t like change – they know what is good and they want to stay true. They understand a thousand different things and ways are trying to pull them away, and they’re aware the most effective ones come hidden. They try to sneak in the back door. I appreciate that desire to stay close and unblemished, though of course it can choke them while protecting them.

I appreciate they aren’t afraid to look like simpletons or morons, and that they continue to stand for what they do despite the effects on image.

There are easy traps and land mines with their approach, and it doesn’t take a sophisticated system to sniff them out, however for my heart I needed to not villain-ize them. I needed to understand why they conserve rather than give liberally.

So my question to you is this: is this considered maturity, or could it be compromise? Warning: your reply may expose where others think your heart and allegiance truly lie, and therefore can instigate a flood of judgment and/or condemnation.

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5 Responses to The Letter of The Law, Or Is Charlie’s Church of Christ Joining The Baptist Denomination?

  1. Angela says:

    Even though I am no longer the conservative Christian I once was, I often notice other Christians around me who are just a bit more conservative then I. Particularly one close friend of mine takes extra care of those things that she tempts herself with by avoiding certain movies and certain situations. I understand that she is just looking out for her own spiritual mind. If a conservative does not believe in dancing, on its face, that’s fine. It’s when they force that on others. All that to say I understand and respect why some conservatives choose to abstain from certain activities and I respect that. The problem comes when they assume its the exact same way for you and they make those actions more important than justification through God’s grace.

  2. David says:

    People always answer the acronym-ed question, “WWJD?” with an answer that fits their world view. To the Dems he was a social activist, to the Reps he was a hardworking, play by the rules man. In Christ, we are neither Jew nor Greek, nor Democrat, nor Republican, nor liberal or conservative – nope, we are Christians by faith. It seems idiots like Ann Rice and PS Terry Jones forget that simple fact.

    So let me ask an inflammatory question. Is the TEA Party moronic for thinking that bailing out corporate villains like AIG, Citi Bank, GM and Chrysler was hypocritical on the Dems part, or was it genius in the “government takeover” category?

    Change? Who’s against change that is beneficial? No one. I always laugh when people say stuff like. “If I was the president!”; “If I owned the company.” Or my favorite: “When I have kids I won’t spank them.” LOL Some of my kids are older than you – they got spanked. They also got loved. For the most part they are doing very well in life.

    Experience changes world views quickly. If you have walked through the slums in Brazil, or been in Walter Reed to see the ravages of war, you change you mind about things like war and poverty. When you pay $40K in taxes a year, you care about raised taxes. Folks who are lazy and act on a false sense of entitlement, make you crazy. It makes you want to scream “GET A F&^#% JOB!”

    In the church there is a lot of compromise – it is called empty religion. It is a culture war, liberal agendas, emergent whatever. At some point we must call sin, sin. If people are sleeping around before they are married, it’s sin. That rule isn’t going to become, “well, it’s ok if you love someone.”

    Maturity is hearing God, and doing it. The fruit of which is peace. That does not mean being a doormat, or letting things slide for the sake of grace. Real maturity is relational; not a set of beliefs or opinions, but a way of living that produces godly children, friendships and influences society for Christ (which in the end left him alone on a cross).

    If there is no cost to followoing Christ; no sacrifice, then it’s probably not biblical Christianity.

    Fire away, I am just getting warmed up. 😉

    • WHEW! That was intense! I’d love to some day due a “remix” of the In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek etc… and do a in Christ there is neither Seminarian nor Missionary, neither Pastor nor Speaker, neither Intellectual or Scholar

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