The Raw Planet We Sit On Top of So We Can Watch Television, Or A Stoner-esque Post

Today I’m going to lay off pointing fingers and making public note of the church’s faults. It’s not for lack of material, to be sure. This post may seem simple and not revolutionary/revelatory AT ALL, but I do think that some things can become so normal that we fail to see their complexity. Like wine or something…

(Side question: how do you ensure your virtual sarcasm is indeed obvious, so as to avoid liking like an idiot? I ask because I fail with hilarious regularity).

I don’t know how to start without sounding like a stoner – isn’t technology crazy?

I’m simply amazed that computers, televisions, microwaves (which, incidentally, I refuse to use for health reasons), cell phones, and such exist. On this planet, in this universe, which is enclosed in material reality. My amazement stems from my love of the simple outdoors – raw nature, the proverbial (maybe literal) Garden of Eden.

You see God put man on the earth, gave minimal operating instructions, and set him (and her) loose, according to Genesis 1-3. Notably, we were given a very undeveloped planet that we HAD to form. The Bible seems to confirm this by referring to the redeemed earth as a holy city, implying that God wanted his creation to be “developed” and not left all wilderness.

I mean we had to invent food recipes, roads, tools, even dwellings. God didn’t tell us to make any of those things, or even hint that they’d be helpful.

OR, if you don’t believe God created the universe you can still agree that human beings were still given the same raw materials as Adam & Eve (maybe less) and therefore had to work from the literal ground up to where we are today.

So yes, this whole post is about how crazy it is human beings invented electronics.

I mean mud houses, clay pots, bricks, wooden tables, and even simple mechanical machines – I can understand all those – they’re simply made by the raw materials of the earth. Dirt, water, stones, and the like. And these things were pretty much all we had to work with when we were simply hunter/gatherers, agriculturalists and even first forming cities…

So how in the heck did we invent a microchip?

For clarity’s sake, this post isn’t trying to emphasize how amazing mankind is for inventing such remarkable things. Rather, this post intends to celebrate God for creating such a world where things like electronics are somehow possible and created from very simple and seemingly rudimentary things like dirt, minerals and water.

It took us thousands of years, minimum, to create microchips from the raw materials of the earth. God somehow dreamed this all up (and had the patience to wait a fair amount of time, which he also created). And though our technologies, even something as simple as basic calculators, are so complex and difficult to comprehend, they all have roots. Literally.


So, should the rehab program Charlie works for drug test him? Do you ever appreciate not only how far mankind has come, but also that mankind was put in such a world where they could go so far?

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10 Responses to The Raw Planet We Sit On Top of So We Can Watch Television, Or A Stoner-esque Post

  1. David says:

    I am always amazed at all that technology does. I think about what it was like for my grandfather growing up. He was born in 1888 – now, not one WWI vet is even alive.

    I remember how exciting it was to be on the ground floor of the Internet in the early 1990’s. I can’t image living without my Blackberry – but I have dumped off technology for a week here and there, and actually don’t miss it. I do, however; like heat and running water, electric guitars, toilets, toilet paper and grocery stores.

  2. bethegospel says:

    Not quite in the realm of technology, but…Did you know that the Romans had figured out a lot about brain surgery that the western world didn’t catch up to till the 19th century? In excavation they have found records of things that we didn’t discover till the 1800s! Now how is that for man being designed to be innovative and advance!

  3. Angela says:

    Just a comment…when I was a kid, I was almost amazed at all the things man was capable of making. I remember looking around me and marveling at the roads, the houses, the buildings, the structure to our lives. I remember thinking God must be really proud of us and our accomplishments. Oh, how young I was.

  4. Su says:

    When I want to be sure my virtual irony is received (yes, I was paying attention in high school English!), I do this: That’s a good idea. .

    A bit hit-you-over-the-head obvious, but hey, it works.

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