What The Devil?, Or A Flawless Day in Hell

Okay so the first “second” (maybe more aptly alternative) title to the post was originally “Another Flaw in Hell,” but I just love the sentence because what does a flawless day in hell look like? Does it mean everything going according to plan with no glitches in continual torture, or are flaws so apart of hell that their very existence is apart of the normal operating procedure?

The question of a what does a flawless day in hell look like actually has a lot to do with today’s post. This is a question I’ve had that I find very interesting:

Why does Satan torture people in Hell?

If you think about it, he’s been trying to get all the people down there with him to do his will while they wandered about earth. You wouldn’t think it logical for him to expend so much energy on pulling people away from God, or maybe even getting people to work against God and his Kingdom, and then torture them when they do arrive. They all did what he wanted!

The question comes in two parts, because doesn’t Satan carry out God’s will by torturing people in hell? Does that make them partners, or cohorts in some sense? We see God and Satan as mortal enemies, yet if eternal conscious torment is what people get for not latching onto Jesus’ saving blood, then isn’t Satan an instrument of God’s purpose? And doesn’t that strike you as odd?

Sometimes I’m not sure if these are even real questions, or if they expose some issues evangelical Christianity has with the notion of Satan, hell and eternal conscious torment. When I went through the book of Job in college I immediately noticed that God and Satan seemed to be hanging out, in one another’s presence.

This seemed odd simply because I was taught that we needed Jesus’ blood because God cannot tolerate sin, and that a Pefect being cannot be near it. So therefore SATAN, the very essence of sin, spending time with God violated all of that.


This post is not a teaching nor a rant against something, I simply want to hear from you on the controversial subject of hell and on the inquisitive questions (possible redundancy) I raise. Does Satan do God’s will in Hell? Does Satan torture his loyal followers? Is hell eternal conscious torment or simply obliteration?

(Note to readers: I really do want to hear from you. If no one responded to my posts I’d stop writing – I write in the hopes I’ll hear from people. I don’t write a blog for a feeling of self importance or because I like hearing my own voice. I’m one of those “I value community” Christians. So if you’re hear, welcome, and please join in!)

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5 Responses to What The Devil?, Or A Flawless Day in Hell

  1. David says:

    A few thoughts –

    – Good point about Satan in the presence of God. The angels, of whom Lucifer is one, were ministers in Heaven. You and I will need a resurrected body to be in the presence of God. Satan rebelled, but not in a body made of flesh. The corruptible flesh, or seed of Adam, cannot be in the presence of God. Even the body of Jesus had to be glorified.

    – Satan’s job on earth is to rob, kill and destroy – and lie. The eternal torment (or destruction depending on how you read the scriptures) has not started for Satan. Honestly, most of the church has never seen a demonic manifestation. But I assure you, whoever wrote the screenplay for the move The Exorcist had some sort of first hand experience.

    Something like that will change your theology fast.

    – We spend a lot of time on weather there is a Heaven and Hell, and according to the Bible, there are both. There is however; a Lake of Fire and a New Heaven, both are post Second Coming. Until then we get to enjoy the current Heaven (there is even a 3rd Heaven), or what the Jews called She’ol or in Greek: Hades. It is a “type” of tomb.

    So here is my take – there is a Heaven in which we can be in the presence of Jesus when we die. There is a place called that we can call Hell for now, which is not the Lake of Fire in which Satan and his followers (un-saved) will be destroyed -it’s a place of separation without entertainment or money.

    – The purpose of eternal separation from God was never intended for mankind. They were supposed to walk with Him in the garden in the cool of the day.

    Far more important is faith in a Supernatural God, not this pew-sitting, spectator show we may or may not attend watch week.

  2. that is much more clear and broken down, thanks David!

    I have never seen the Exorcist, and I don’t have good incentive to now.

    • David says:

      See if you can catch a few scenes on YouTube – I wouldn’t allow that film in my house – really. In particular I was referring to the scenes where the kid is manifesting a demon. It’s like the real thing.

      • oh man I’m gonna need a good reason from you as to why I should watch it, as in how it would benefit me spiritually. The Exorcism of Emily Rose spooked me so bad because it seemed more plausible than all the other horror films that are so ridiculous.

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