God On The Brain, Or Too Much Of A Good Thing

Last Friday I had a day off. In the morning I awoke to my daughter, barely a month old, who no longer wanted to be in bed (she sleeps between my wife & I). We have a thing going where I take my daughter for a long walk so that my wife can sleep just a little bit more. We call it “daddy time,” and its cute.

While walking as my daughter slept in a carrier strapped to my chest I listened to a sermon.  A solid hour message. When I got home I spent some time catching up on all the blogs I read (all of which are written by Christians and have Christian themes). I consider it my guilty pleasure.

After getting up to speed in the blogosphere I read a spiritual book I’m going through, a memoir of sorts,  and intermittently I wrote in my journal about the various things swirling around in my mind – some inspired by the book, sermon and blogs, and the rest just from what’s running through my head these days.

Finally, I wrote two of the posts that appeared earlier this week here at/in/on Charlie’s Church of Christ.

By about 1 in the afternoon I had spent about 4 hours straight on religion (with instances of playing with my daughter and changing diapers). I had a near headache going on – my thinking was cloudy. I was tired of God and Christianity.

I couldn’t read any more.

I’ve written before that its easy to fall into a pattern such as this when you are relearning Christianity all over again in the ashes of a fundamentalist upbringing. Because its all so fresh and new, and the ideas are totally groundbreaking in your born again (again) life that the tendency is to engross yourself in this, forgetting that the religion Jesus accidentally created isn’t strictly philosophical or intellectual.

It’s far more earthy than that, meaning its a lot more hands in the dirt kind of stuff.

Its easy to engross yourself in thinking and reading about God – but truth be told this is a  pretty limited experience of God. I’d even say its a very incomplete experience (not that it can max out).

Often my posts are just as much written to and more me as they are to the you and the rest of the world, today most definitely included. As you can see with my couple hour spree of sermons, books, blogs, and journal writing tt is so easy for God, religion, and Christianity to become a hobby, an interest you have, in the same way people are interested in history, music or football (or for any non-Americans futbol).

Some people make Christianity a hobby because they’re so enamored with it, some out feeling insecure in their standing with God. I’m not interested in exploring the psychology behind this today. But know that it is possible to miss the entire relationship aspect of Christianity in favor of making it an interest you pursue.

I’ll let you figure out how you can tell the difference in yourself, though my only hint is that God does not stay in the mind. He doesn’t really stay anywhere.

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3 Responses to God On The Brain, Or Too Much Of A Good Thing

  1. David says:

    That’s an honest post – and I do hope you read MY blog. 😉

    I guess the “Christian culture” ideal is showing up a lot of places. Folks are challenging thier religious upbringing, questioning everything from Creation to homosexuality. And I say that is a great thing. Hopefully those questions will be researched in the Bible, not the “Christian” media. Folks that have read the Bible cover-to-cover are few and far between, whereas folks that have an opinion about religion are everywhere. I’m just sayin’.

    I just read a book entitled: “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore.” It was a good read – worth the few hours it took – recommended.

    So where is God? We’ve been told that he lives in out hearts. It’s not exactly true… his Spirit commingles with our human spirit however that happens. If we are quiet enough, desiring enough, and truly born again, there will be a river of life the comes from there. One whose flow seems to increase with the true things of God – a meaningful Bible verse, a testimony about what God has done, something in life or nature – these things reveal the true nature of God if we can shut of our own ideas about HOW He is supposed to show up, and HOW he is going to do this or that, and WHICH prayer needs to be answered in what way… a lot more is accomplished in us when we focus on what is in our spirit, and not what is in our thoughts and feelings.

    “It isn’t about what we do; it’s about what He’s done. – John

  2. yes your blog is in that fold! I’ll comment more later, I have to rush off to work.

  3. Angela says:

    Charlie – I know when you say you read lots of Christianity blogs, that means you’re reading mine too, right? Please? C’mon!

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