Minute Fridays: Dude Let Go Your Grip, You’re Gonna Get Neck Problems

It’s Friday!

And Fridays are a low key day for me, as I’ve just put in 48 hours in three and a half days time at my two jobs, and I have a day off with my two ladies (being my wife and daughter). So today I’ll offer a few brief thoughts, and then I’m gonna go hang out on a lake.

Depending upon which blogs you follow you may have heard that none other than famous pastor boy Rick Warren, of Purpose Driven Life fame, said something on Twitter yesterday that set ablaze the online Christian community.That’s to say they found it troublesome.

(A sidenote: I find it humorous that the majority of the Christian community is totally unaware of this situation, and only the ones who hang around blogs are in tune. It begs the question – are the blog Christians just that much more devoted because their free time is spent in online religious world, or are they simply bored?)

His infamous note was: “I challenge any church in America to match the spiritual maturity, godliness & commitment of any 500 members of Saddleback.”

The tweet has been deleted, without explanation.

I’m not going to critique what he wrote. It doesn’t need it, it’s obvious.

Because what’s far more worrisome is how we freak out on one little thing someone said and turn it into the next big scandal. I mean – the scandal is because of 140 letters or less.

For being people saved by grace, we sure do go bonkers with startling regularity – weekly we find something, or someone, new to pin against the wall.

I understand Rick is famous and lots of Christians hang on to his every word, and as I said his tweet is fairly ridiculous, but nonetheless must we demand perfection from every person in the world? Must we correct every wrong and mistake? Must we prove everyone a fool?

Lots of people complain about how the fundamentalists seemingly watch every move Christians make and find something wrong with that move, but we repay that same trend toward any Christian of note.

That’s all, let’s all exhale deeply, figuratively or literally, and regain our composure and bestow some grace on other another, and maybe find some other wrong to right with our time – something a little more worthwhile.

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7 Responses to Minute Fridays: Dude Let Go Your Grip, You’re Gonna Get Neck Problems

  1. David says:

    I am not all that fond of any Christians that have been seen on Larry King. I’m just sayin’.

    Why is it that we need big name Christians? Conferences, the speaking circuit, praying with the president – it all seems very sad to me. When will we understand that serving is what makes a leader great; not having a Twitter feed.

    Technology is a great way to advance the Kingdom, but how about we use it to promote Jesus? What he might have said was this:

    2 Cor 7:1 Dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.

    I am not adverse to folks having opinions, I blog myself. What makes me crazy is the idolization of mere men. Maybe Rick needs to have an affair before folks realize that he’s just one of us. I hope not.

    BTW – if one uses Twitter, are they a twit? It is Friday.

  2. Definitely the reason I wrote the post is our idolization of men, and then oddly enough how we love to blast them into pieces over any mistake.

    And great point about the conferences, speaking circuit, etc thing. I for sure have posts planned about that one. Though it sounds like I may just be preaching to the choir.

  3. Larry Hehn says:

    Yep, I was flabbergasted when I saw that tweet. While I definitely felt that it was inappropriate, I didn’t even think that it would cause a huge uproar. Some of Warren’s tweets resonate, some fall flat. Twitter seems to sometimes be his brainstorming canvas. I simply shrugged it off as an ill-worded attempt at motivation. I guess some other people are more eager to be offended.

  4. not easily offended but eager to be offended – brilliant!

  5. Angela says:

    If I imagine the church of Rick Warren or another superstar pastor, I imagine a church body that does a lot for show. What David said was interesting because is it healthy for that church to have a big name pastor? Wouldn’t have encourage the church body to hide their faults and act like everything is okay – the same thing celebrities have to do on a daily basis?

  6. The higher up you go the harder the fall.

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